Panning The Cycling President

President Khama of Botswana

President Khama of Botswana

I had only two clear chances to get the shot. On the first round the President Khama’s team, called Eat Some More, fielded him (they call him Super on the field) to complete the race. It was a six-member cycling relay. I chose a good spot with nice background and made few practice pan shots with other passing cyclists (with my cheap lens and without the tripod I needed this practice).

One of president's team member. This was the initial spot where i was gonna shoot the president

One of president’s team member. This was the initial spot where i was gonna shoot the president

But when Super got on to the bicycle everyone got excited, fellow photographers ran on to my shot area disturbing the panning and destroying my shot. Mxm! For a moment there I forgot the president is a magnet and travels with a small crowd. On the second take I had to compromise with a bad spot to at least achieve the panning. I forced the last shot and it came out ok, and that’s the one that I filed for Mmegi.

The Cycling President

The Cycling President

#LettersToStrangers #7 – To the World Cup ticket collector


Really dude! “I need used tickets for my collection” Please tell me why? Collecting a number of used tickets from one match! Come on man, you must be knowing something we do not know. Blatter must have told you something.

But man, you really believed it was such a great idea for an adult white male to stand outside a football stadium in Soweto, South Africa and beg for used soccer tickets!

Do you even understand the race dynamics in South Africa?

Do you know how suspicious you looked appeared? I would not be surprised if you were robbed of those used tickets just because you are a white man, begging for something that was viewed worthless by some. Robbed, not because they hate you, but because your skin colour added some imagined real value to the used tickets.

Do you understand the emotions of supporters after these big games? Imagine after watching that emotional match when Ghana got robbed by Suarez and Gyan missing that crucial penalty shot to send them into Africa’s first Semi finals! You come out sad and emotionally wrecked to find some dude smiling to you requesting for your used ticket!

No man. Why don’t you just collect yours?


#LettersToStrangers #6 – To the lady from Stone Town


As-salaam. I sometimes spend time watching your eyes. These eyes that got me little frightened after you quickly ducked by the corner disapproving of this shot I took of you. After you ducked over there I wondered whether I should run away or come to you and apologise for taking the picture without first asking. I was expecting you might come back with back-up and beat me up. Even after walking away I was nervous going through the Stone Town maze of alleys. I apologise.


Rare elephant tracks sighting on Makgadikgadi Pans

After seven years trekking these mighty pans, we came across the elephant tracks last July during the annual Y Care Charitable Trust Pans walk. It appears like three elephants were wandering, possibly lost, in this nothingness.

Elephant Tracks

From a distance they look like mountains rising from the empty salt-pan. These tracks will remain here for some years to come.

#LettersToStrangers #5 – To the young Himba mother from Ruacana


Hi. I hope you and your boy are doing great. This cold stare, sometimes gets to me, and makes me worry about you. I wrote this short letter to tell you few things I learnt from you.

I have learnt that definition of beauty depends on where you come from. Women in my community believe the women in the magazines are the most beautiful women. They even buy other people’s hair (is that your real hair?) and bleach their skins to make themselves look ‘beautiful’.

I have learnt that every girl just wants to be beautiful in her own definition of beauty.

I have learnt that women could stay without bathing. Nobody believes me when I tell them that you do not bath. Sometimes I do not even believe myself when telling that story.

I learnt that aspirations largely depend on where you live. I wonder what are your aspirations?

And I have learnt that not all traditions are good.

Stay blessed


#LettersToStrangers #4 – To the Pirates fans


Hello Buccaneers. Eish, this match must have done a considerable damage to your manicure. You probably left Soccer City without nails.

But, I remember this was a glorious night. We killed them. We shouted our lungs out loud, Aaacceee…! Blew that vuvuzela that my lips were sore like a morning after a night with a really bad kisser.

But I see it was nerve wrecking for you guys watching this match. You really love Pirates huh?

I hear you will be playing them again tomorrow. Oh, yeah… I quit. Remember Emmanuel Sithole? Painful story.

I sold all the T-shirts.

Anyway good luck for tomorrow, remember, no manicure before the match.


#LettersToStrangers #3 – To the old woman from Gugamma, CKGR



Worries, despair, and some really mean resilience, I saw all that on you.

I still see them on these pictures.

I wonder what your worries were. I wish I could peek into your mind.

I wonder how your early years were? What were your dreams? Any beliefs or religious convictions? Did you travel? Fall in and out of love?

Did you wish to be here in the “Game Reserve” at your age?

If you can be young again, what would you do differently?

I wish I could have asked you these questions. I am sure I could have gained invaluable wisdom about life.


God bless you