Letter from Entebbe

It is Day 32 of my road trip through Africa. It has been an amazing journey that taught me a lot about myself. I am now in the middle of Africa in Entebbe, Uganda. This is where i will start my return trip. Entebbe is M7’s official residence, located on a hilltop overlooking Lake Victoria. The country’s only international airport is here too. Interestingly, it was here on February 7th 1952 where Queen Elizabeth II flew out of Africa a day after becoming the new Queen following the death of King George IV.


I am at that final stage of the trip where the money is now finished. You know you are broke when you start using local coins and finding shortcuts to the best street food market as well as drinking tap water with ease. But I like it here in Entebbe.


Yesterday it was my last full day in Uganda and i did some mini celebration of my trip. I went to Aero Beach and cleansed in Lake Victoria. (Im from kalahari desert so we revere water, thats why sometimes we refer swimming as cleansing.)


After the ‘cleansing’ i jumped onto a boda asked the boda guy to take me to a good night club. He took me to a place where there number of pubs along the street. I picked one, Amazon Pub because it was packed with people. I sat by the counter to have my first beer. While i was sitting there i remember the DJ was playing a song called Roar by Katy Perry. I remember this very well because that song together with Kanye West’s Dark Fantasy are my top songs on this trip soundtrack. So while i was there roaring with Katy Perry scaring tigers in the jungle, right on my face there is a big black shining naked female ass. WTF! I thought i was hallucinating. A quick blink, thinking it is just my mind playing adult games with my eyes. But the big ass did not disappear. Not that i really wished it to disappear, just that I did not see how it got up here. On my face! It was wiggling frantically now. I looked around, checked the other counters and there were two more girls dancing there too. Is this a strip club? But there were no poles. No sign of strip tease stage. Meanwhile these big girls were busy wiggling and turning upside down, twerking, doing splits and some amazing acrobatic moves. After about five minutes of ass wiggling they got off the counters as quckily as they came on. I nearly applauded but no one seemed to care. Men and women in the pub continued to sip on their beers without any excitement, well except few mzungus and this Motswana man. I later made new local friends who took me from the club to a house party then to a weird Entebbe funeral. I will tell you about this later.


For now, the good news is i am coming home. Yeah, tell the world, i’m coming home. Im flying out tonight taking a longer but cheap flight with Ethiopian Air from Entebbe, Kigali, Addis Ababa, Johannesburg and Gaborone babe.
See you soon.


3 thoughts on “Letter from Entebbe

  1. Ya hey, But the big ass did not disappear. Not that i really wished it to disappear, just that I did not see how it got up here. you sure had a lovely trip…

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